Metrobank Loan Requirements

Metrobank Loan Requirements

Required Gross Monthly Income: Monthly amortization is 30% of GMI or has minimum cash surplus of P10,000 to 20,000
(M.A. / .3 = required gross income)

* Bank approval 10-15 days with complete requirements


Standard Requirements:

  • Valid id’s (preferably gov’t issued id’s)
  • Marriage contract (if married)
  • 3 to 6 mos. other bank statements

If source of income derived from employment:

  • Certificate of employment/contract (latest)
  • Income tax return (latest)

For OFW:

  • Previous copy of contract (photocopy or original)
  • Latest contract (with email add and tel. no. of employer) (original)
  • 6 mos. proof of remittance (bank soa/ passbook)
  • 3 mos. payslips (original)

If source of income derived from business:

  • Business permit (latest)
  • DTI
  • Income tax return/ audited financial statements (latest)
  • Lists of 3 major supplier and 3 major customer with contacts nos. and contact persons

For appraisal purposes:

  • Copy of certificate of Title – if available
  • Tax declaration (land and bldg.) – if available
  • Tax clearance or real estate tax payment – if available
  • Reservation agreement – if title is not yet transferred