BPI Housing Loan Requirements

BPI Housing Loan Requirements

Checklist of Pre-Processing Requirements

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A. Housing Loan Application Form

  • Duly accomplished Application Form
  • 2 valid Identitifcation Cards
  • If married, both spouses to sign on the application form
  • If with co-borrower or co-mortgagor, separate application form is needed

B. Income Documents

  • If locally employed (working within the Philippines)
  • Certificate of Employment (COE) indicating salary, position and length of service
  • Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) for the last 2 years
  • If Expat Pinoy (Overseas Filipino Worker)
    • Contract / Certificate of Employment (COE) authenticated by Philippine Consulate
    • Crew Contract and Exit Pass validated by POEA (seaman)
    • Proof of monthly remittances
    • Notarized or authenticated Special Power of Attorney (BPI FSB Format)
  • If Self-Employed
    • Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws with SEC Registration Certificate
    • Audited Financial Statements for the last 2 years
    • DTI Registration
    • Income Tax Return w/ Statement of Assets and Liabilities (SAL) for the last 2 yrs
    • List of Trade References (at least 3 names with telephone nos. of major suppliers/customers)
    • Bank Statements for the past 6 months
  • If Practicing Doctor
    • Clinic address/es and schedule
  • If from Commission
    • Vouchers or Bank Statements (last 6 months reflecting commission income)
  • If from Rental of Properties
    • Rental/Lease Contract (indicating name of tenants and rental amounts with complete addresses of properties being rented)
    • Photocopy of Title (TCT/CCT)
    • C. Collateral Documents
    • Clear copy of Owner’s Duplicate Copy of TCT/CCT
    • Lot Plan with Location/Vicinity Map certified by licensed Geodetic Engineer
    • Photocopy of Tax declaration / Tax receipts / Tax clearance
    • Endorsement Letter / computation sheet / Contract to Sell from developer stating the contract price (for accredited developer/project)